Thursday, 21 April 2011

Heaviness dead against Fat victims

When a person is extremely overweight or obese, any change in lifestyle or any new exercise will result in massive weight loss, mainly from water loss and initial fat loss. But the closer you come to your ideal weight, the more careful you need to be about whether you are losing weight the right way. Some acquired provoked to work even harder; some others drop off the strength habit, idea that’s sufficient for at the moment. But what about the possibility that all you might have lost was body weight, and not fat. Reduction in weight from loss in bone density and muscle tissues and not from fat is not healthy in the long term.

Lose fat and not power. Don’t worry too much if you’re looking better than ever, feeling energetic and active, and the weighing scale is not budging an inch. You may be losing fat and gaining muscle, the only path to good health and weight management in the long run. Don’t Starve. Instead, eat food rich in protein, complex salads and fruits, and good fats for energy. Eating right, eating so that you are not hungry, and eating food that is nourishing is important so that you lose fat. Eat empty calories. Eating empty calories like biscuits or snacking on empty calories that do not satisfy you in anyway, needs conscious effort. Snack on healthy, filling snacks instead. Do only cardio. While cardio is important, you run the risk of losing muscle if you focus only on cardio and not on strength training. It is therefore advisable to mix up your workouts in order to get the best of both worlds. If your workout plan involves just running, swimming, or walking, it’s best if you throw some yoga and weight training into the mix too. If you’re eating right, then this will be invaluable in building muscle, which in turn burns fat faster. Do Sprint. Throw in some really fast sprints on your cardio days. Even once a week is more than enough. This stimulates the human growth hormone that facilitates the growth of muscle and resultant fat burn. Lift heavy weights. Push yourself to do bodyweight workouts, or lift heavy weights at the gym to grow muscle, that increases your metabolism and burns fat even when you are not working out. No you will not bulk up. Lead an active lifestyle. Sitting at your workplace for 10 hours a day and then being a couch potato for the rest of your waking hours is the perfect recipe to hamper all your hard work. 


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