Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hyderabad's ground-breaking bride market

Old town region of Hyderabad look as if to be some time ago yet again revolving into a bride open market, this instance not for old Arab Sheiks, but learners from North Africa who are purportedly receiving into deal weddings to employ and cruelty the deprived and often, minor girls during their stay here and ditch them previously they head back. The most recent case came to light only because the trifling girl who was married off and was being sexually abused, loped missing past two weeks and wanted police safety.
25 years old Mohammed Ansari is on a student visa from Sudan. He married 16 years old on the ninth of this month. The bride cost him Rs 50,000 the deal was brokered by her mother and a few pimps.She managed to run away to a police station where she complained of sexual abuse.


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