Saturday, 16 July 2011

Katrina strategy to excitement her birthday today

Katrina Kaif’s birthday currently, but looks like the recent terror attacks in the How Katrina Kaif tactics to rejoice her birthday now city have put a dampener on her plans to gathering. Though the actress at rest maintains that she’s no party being, she does confess that it’s a good pretext to get together with family and friends. The actress has plans to have a gentle convene sometime afterward, but barely if the rest of the radiate of her newest film doesn’t surprise her first. 
She says about birthday, “It’s all the people around who make it special for me. I usually like to spend a quiet day, unless I’m working. And no, I don’t mind working on a birthday!” 
The actor like her good friend actor Salman Khan also indulges in charity on the day.


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