Saturday, 10 September 2011

I Have a Genuine Interest in Fashion, Sonam

By a grave plan of promos for quickly to be at large Mausam and shooting for Abbas Mustan’s future movie Players, actress Sonam Kapoor handle to set aside time for shopping. Through a perfect intellect of fashion, Sonam Kapoor is certainly the best decent lady in the trade now.
Sonam Kapoor confesses, "Actually, I just love shopping. I have a genuine interest in fashion. It is like a hobby you nurture like some people collect art, some collect CDs. I am not scared of experimenting.”
Earlier when the actress made an appearance on the red carpet at this year's Cannes Film Festival, fashion critics from all over the world could not help drool over her Jean Paul Gaultier gown. Be it a saree or a one piece setup, Sonam has always been a treat to every photographer’s eye. In fact, that outlook is repeatedly portrayed in her style sensibilities as well the actress sports some of the most innovative fashion drifts in the world with élan, a trend that not many Bollywood divas have dared to effort. Sonam herself brought out again the trend of wearing jackets with emphasized shoulder pads in Bollywood.


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