Sunday, 17 July 2011

Pakistani Website Hacked by Indian Hackers in Response to Mumbai Attacks

This is the latest from the world of hack attacks happening around the world. We are guessing you’re familiar with the famous Songs.PK website that provides pirated Bollywood music for everyone around the world to download. You can download all the latest songs from most Bollywood movies or albums from this website.


The Pakistani website which was hacked demands a little more explanation.This site gets 80% of it’s traffic from India because what they offer is nothing but pirated downloads of Indian music albums, Bollywood songs and MP3’s. Every day, thousands of Indian users flock into the site to download pirated MP3’s because the site has a huge collection of Indian songs, which they offer as free download. Songs.PK was hacked by the same group of Indian hackers known as the ‘Indian Cyber Army’ in response to the Mumbai bomb blasts that occurred on July 13 2011, killing at least 21 innocent people and injuring more than 121 civilians. Remember the last time an Indian hacker group calling itself “Indian cyber army” hacked 35 Pakistani Government websites? The same group is back again. Sources and intelligence agencies claim that the bomb blasts were carried out by Pakistani terrorist groups which is the reason why an unknown Indian hacker group hacked the Pakistani website. Sort of a revenge 

Here is a screenshot which reveals that the FTP server of was indeed compromised by Indian hackers:

After gaining root access to the servers, the hacker group posted this message on the homepage of’s what the message read: " Pray for all the innocent victims of Mumbai attack .This is a small answer from All Indians. Remember we are together, you can just kill innocent people, women and children..But there is no future for you, we are coming with huge speed. Corruption will be under control, every Indian will have money and power.Then there will be no one to save you, you are a dirty stamp on pure Islam. Try to understand and respect it, just remember we are coming.Bye.Exit "


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