Saturday, 27 August 2011

Undisclosed river exposed under the Amazon

The Amazon basin swathes more than 7 million square kilometers in South America and is one of the biggest and nearly all imposing river systems in the world. But it revolves out that pending now we have only known half the tale.

Brazilian scientists have originated a new river in the basin around four kilometers underside the Amazon River. The Rio Hamza, named after the top of the team of researchers who initiated the groundwater flow, appears to be as long as the Amazon but up to hundreds of times wider.

Both the Amazon and Hamza streams from west to east and are approximately the same length, at 6000 kilometres. But while the Amazon choice from one kilometre to 100 kilometres in width, the Hamza ranges from 200 to 400 kilometres. The researchers used a mathematical model to predict the being there of the underground river, based on the calculated changes in temperature down the wells.


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