Saturday, 29 October 2011

Microsoft working out on online Chat Service Skype

Wall Street is warming up to Microsoft Corporations $8.5 billion purchase of online Chat Service Skype.

After opening upset at the price more than double its likely public appraisal investors think Microsoft made a smart move buying advanced communications technology it can put into its products along with a all set base of users. But there are still concerns the world's biggest software company with a patchy record on pleasing consumers and making purchasing job can really pull it off.

Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and Skype's US base in Silicon Valley are buzzing as the two companies start the process of working together.
Skype chief Tony Bates has been in Redmond with his team for much of the past two weeks, after the deal closed.

Most expect Skype video chat and messaging will begin to appear soon on Xbox game consoles, Windows phones and Windows Live messenger, and shortly as an expansion to its Lync messaging and video chat service for businesses.


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