Saturday, 19 November 2011

Few specific exercise tips for older people

Any aged person should have a absolute physical and medical examination and professional instruction before starting an exercise programme.

Vigor training assumes still more importance as one age, because after the age of 30 everyone undergoes a slow process of brawny attrition. The effect can be reduced or even reversed by adding resistance training to an
exercise programme. As little as one day a week of resistance training improves overall strength and agility. Strength training also improves heart and blood vessel health and general well being. 

Power training, which aims for the fastest rate at which a muscle or muscle group can perform work, exercise may be mainly helpful for older women in growth muscles and preventing falls.

For inactive, old people one or more of the following 
exercise programmes may be helpful and safe: low impact aerobics, gait training, balance exercises, self-paced walking, and lower extremity resistance training using elastic tubing or ankle weights.

exercises support healthy muscle expansion and aid reduces the stiffness and loss of balance that accompanies ageing.


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