Saturday, 12 March 2011

After Kat & Sonakshi , Vidya Balan’s bikini picture hits Internet!

Just a few months after Sonakshi Sinha’s morphed bikini picture made rounds on the Internet, Bollywood’s thinking man’s actress Vidya Balan is bearing the brunt of being a celebrity in the time of the World Wide Web. Vidya turned red hot in rage. She has decided to sue the website which had put her face in a model donning a bikini.

In fact, a few days ago, she was shocked to learn that a doctored picture of hers in a teeny-weeny bikini for a magazine cover had been posted online. The photo has been morphed on the cover of a men’s magazine for its annual 2011 edition.

Vidya was completely shocked and denied shooting for the magazine. Vidya said, “First Sonakshi and then me... When I heard there was a picture of me in a bikini on a magazine cover, I thought someone was being mistaken for me because I haven’t done a shoot like this. But I was shocked when I saw it. I will be taking proper legal action against the people who are responsible for this.”

The actress has given a go-ahead for a permissible suit if the cause is pin-pointed or a re-run of such an incident occurs. She is not going to sit tense if such a thing happens again. We are exploring legal options to stop this malice against actresses of Hollywood.


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