Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lara Dutta seems awake to Akshay

Lara Dutta is facing the aggressive competition of a film career, running the home and married life and facing the challenges of a production house. But Lara feels lucky to be blessed with an understanding and supportive life partner and with friends who are always there for her.

Lately while discussion concerning her first brush with production and the despairs that come with it. Lara said, "I have always been in front of the camera but what goes on behind it always intrigued me. Through Bheegi Basanti I am getting to discover a lot about film making and the film industry. Akshay Kumar is the word. He is a great friend and whenever I am in doubt about anything regarding Bheegi Basanti, I run to him. He's always around to help me."

Being new in production field, we are sure the beautiful Lara has flashes when she gets trap before making a conclusion. Well, we have a word of care for you Lara. Now be careful since Akshay doesn't have a great production record with five repeated wilts.


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