Friday, 1 April 2011

Microsoft’s Samuel Miller, Google is a monopoly

As per Samuel Miller, the prosecutor who led the federal government's first antitrust case against Microsoft more than a decade ago that Microsoft has amazingly in its quarrel that Google is a foul monopolist. Miller served as the lead counsel in the first United States vs. Microsoft case, which the Department of Justice. It was the first in a series of landmark legal clashes that finally ended in 2001 with a consent decree constraining Microsoft's business practices.

Miller says, "Having prosecuted the Microsoft case, its seems to me that Google, as a monopoly, is engaging in the same tactics to keep its dominant position as Microsoft was engaging in, Those are the same tactics that got Microsoft in trouble." Miller deems all of Microsoft's urgings are "Valid and worthy of serious consideration."

Microsoft chief counsel Brad Smith mentioned several examples of what his company claims are Google's unfair business practices. Microsoft says, As a result, Google's search results for You Tube videos are better than its competitors. It says, Microsoft claims that Google undermines its competition by entering into exclusive agreements with websites to power the search boxes on their sites. The company has locked up so much real estate on European's leading websites that rivals can't get a foot in the door.

In answer, Google did not bear out Microsoft's claim. But the company notes that the results of a You Tube video search on Bing look, to a layman, much the same as Google's search results.


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