Friday, 1 April 2011

Migraine heart tie in kids

A cram advises, Children who perceive blinking lights during a migraine have twice the usual probability of having a hole in the heart. US doctors study 109 children over six who were migraine wounded. About half of those with a kind of migraine come with a visual disturbance called an aura had the heart defect.

A number of medical studies have originated a link in adults between a hole in the heart celebrated precisely as a PFO and migraine with aura. This has lead to attempts to delicacy migraine by surgery to close the hole, when other migraine therapies have failed. Of the children who had migraines with aura, 50% also had the defect. This is nearly double the rate seen in the general population. Around one in 10 people have aura with their migraines. 

Common aura symptoms include visual disturbances such as seeing flashing or flickering lights, numbness, tingling sensations and slurred speech.


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