Friday, 15 April 2011

US: Iran sharing Syria crush protests

U.S. State Department accuses Iran of helping the Syrian government to curb objection that has taken place there in current. Department orator Mark Toner said, "We believe that there is credible information that Iran is assisting Syria". 

Iranian assistance comprises cog used to stifle mobs, as well as tools and scientific information for observing and jamming e-mail, cell phones, text messaging, and internet postings by and amid protesters.

According to Foreign Ministry of Syria that "absolutely untrue. But Toner, Iranian, "They continue to play a meddling role in the region."

American officials said Iran's administration is also giving out with Syria the best follow it developed throughout Teheran's crackdown on the green movement protesters in 2009.

According to former Pentagon intelligence analyst Michael Rubin, is arresting protesters days later, rather than in the center of heated street protests.

Anti government protesters, Rubin said. "Then they come, over the next two or three weeks, and they will round up people in the middle of the night, where you won't create a spark, where you won't create a backlash.


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