Sunday, 8 May 2011

Indonesian plane crashes into sea with 27

According to a written statement from the airline group, the plane was transporting 27 people when the accident took place and definite there were 21 passengers, counting three children and six of crew. The enormous Indonesian archipelago relies heavily on air transport and has one of Asia's the pits air safety proceedings. There had earlier been disagreeing rumor on the number of natives on board.

Indonesian looks for and release teams intensify marine operations to get better bodies from plane. 20 divers deployed including from the police and navy to place the victims' dead bodies. The team had so far recovered 19 bodies. Heavy rains have been hammering down since this morning and burly sea currents made the search operation hard.

In 2007, a plane lope by the now defunct Adam Air with 102 passengers and crew crashed in deep water off the shore of Sulawesi, with no survivors. No bodies were recovered and only trashes of the aircraft were washed up.

After that crash the European Union banned all Indonesian airlines from incoming its airspace, but calmed the ban on some of the airlines two years later after it said many safety problems had been determined.


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