Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Kangna Ranaut wishes for Aamir Khan for Chalo Driver

Novel director who desires to make his Bollywood unveiling approached Kangna Ranaut for his film Chalo Driver  Kangna met him, loved the script and agreed to relapse to him after interpretation it. However, she told the innovative director that she would prefer to work with Aamir Khan on this film. When the director informed her that he had no contact to Aamir, Kangna took the duty of getting him Aamir.

Everybody who knows Aamir Khan glowing is sentient that right now the actor is committed to Reema Kagti's suspenseful story; from January 2012 he has Aditya Chopra's Dhoom-3. 

So clearly whoever else comes to him will have waited their twist. Aamir and Kangna were to team up in Ghajini earlier. Kangna was in Jiah Khan's role. However, she was unceremoniously dropped because some news on the film was leaked to the media, and the finger of suspicion pointed to her.


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