Saturday, 7 May 2011

My life is like Obama's,Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat is rear in India from the US. Yesterday she was shooting a dance number for her impending film Double Dhamaal at Mehboob studios, Bandra. Passages from the talk
You really met US President Barack Obama?
Yes. He is a thorough gentleman easy and intelligent. I even invited him for the opening of my film Love, Barack which he elegantly accepted. In fact, I feel that my life is the same as Obama's. I do not come from a filmi family, nor do I have a Godfather. I'm from Haryana, but I changed the rules of the industry with my work and so has Obama. I entered an industry dominated by ones who use their surname as a passport, yet I managed to make a name for myself. I think we both are changing the rules of the game in our own way.

You constantly draw criticism for your acting and your dressing Comment.
This is what I also want to know. I am the only Indian actor to have met the President of the United States, the most powerful man on earth. That is something special, right? And still people try to pull me down instead of celebrating the fact that an Indian has made it big. My obituaries have been written a number of times, but somehow I manage to resurrect myself. God has been kind. Society celebs and the so-called blue bloods of Bollywood are the only ones who have a problem with me. I think they can't stand the fact that I have made it without making any compromises.
There is something that must be working for you. It can't be just good luck and God's kindness?
I'm high on life and my passion is acting. I'm doing just that. The response I get from girls in small towns saying how much they adore me, keeps me going. I hope I'm inspiring girls like me from small towns to dream big. People from smaller places don't really get opportunities you know.
Who are these people supposedly targeting you?
Let's not get there. But who hasn't tried to put me down every single time? Of course, they haven't been successful in doing so. They might want to do something else now! (laughs) The attitude here is bad. Somehow people don't like people who come from humble backgrounds to soar high. I'm the face of India in Hollywood like it or not.
Is there a boyfriend tucked away in LA?
No. That's not true but I do have many Oscar winners asking me out and I also have proof!
Is it true that you prefer older men?
My personal life is really pathetic and boring. I sleep by 10. I'm into yoga and am a vegan. Where do I find a man who doesn't smoke, drink and eat non-vegetarian food?
Have you been approached to write your autobiography. Ahem, for 20 crores?
I have been approached and I'm contemplating writing it. But I won't do a tell-all right now. There is a lot that I want to do. Some point in my life I would definitely write an autobiography. A girl coming from Haryana, a state with a high female foeticide record, making it big and meeting the President of United States is worth a story, no?
It is alleged that you are very difficult to work with.
Our industry tries to bully actresses. I don't know why the other girls don't talk about it but filmmakers want us to work for free, they don't want to pay our staff and all that. I have put my foot down and I have become the bad one, who is difficult to work with.
You have lost oodles of weight. Trying to be size zero?
Trust me it's there in all the right places. I'm on a fruit diet. I eat almonds, nuts and as I said .I'm a vegan now and loving being fit.


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