Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mallika Sherawat 's bikini scene cut in Double Dhamaal

Subsequent to the drone Mallika Sherawat produced about puting on a two-piece and finally settling for a bikini top by a kilt, it was much bother about zero, as Mallika Sherawat's bikini seem has now been detached from Double Dhamaal. And not amazingly the actress is annoyed about the entire craze.

A source informs us, "When Mallika saw that her bikini sequence was edited from the film, she confronted the director Indra Kumar and producer Ashok Thakeria.

Double Dhamaal makers didn't want family unit viewers to be upset by the scene of Sherawat in a bikini. Producer Ashok Thakeria explains, "We haven't entirely removed Mallika's bikini scene. But we've voluntarily diluted it. Earlier it was an elaborate bathing sequence. But, now it is just a passing shot. We didn't want to offend the family audience and their sensibilities. We don't want Double Dhamaal to be considered a sex comedy. Double Dhamaal is a clean fun family comedy."


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