Thursday, 30 June 2011

Salman Khan billet at Shahrukh Khan in Chillar Party

Together Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan were in attendance at the IIFA awards in Toronto most recent weekend, but resolute to remain it lovable and keep on out of each other’s approach, Though, Salman Khan may have caused an circuitous burrow at Shahrukh Khan in his impending film, Chillar Party.
Chillar Party is Salman Khan’s first picture as a producer; the film doesn’t star any gigantic, therefore be unsure if this is a shameful promotion feat the actor is in performance at to convey in the listeners. The movie is put to release 8th July, we doubt if the producer has taken a mine.
Salman Khan Blasts a humorous clip for Chillar Party, where he is interrelate with one of the characters, Jangya, who hates the idea of irksome undergarment. In the video, Salman Khan questions Jangya 'Why don't you wear underwear? Jangya answers 'Because Shahrukh Khan doesn't and Hrithik Roshan doesn't either. You should also not wear one. Does Aamir also not wear one?' The promo ends with Salman puzzled.’


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