Tuesday, 5 July 2011

ATM having Rs.7.60 lakh captured by thieves in Pune

Nameless criminals flee with an ATM from a public sector bank having an expected Rs.7.60 lakh. The happening occurred in a marketable cum housing composite, Plaza Building, in Purna Nagar in Chikhali area near the beginning Monday. The ATM fitted in to the United Bank of India. A probable weighs at least 400 Kg has been noted as stolen.
The thieves first cut off the CCTV wires and alarm systems, and then the power supply lines to the ATM before decamping with it. At least five people and a medium sized tempo could have been used in moved it. This is the second episode of its type in this city.
On Oct 28, 2009, an ATM weighing 350 Kg including cash of around Rs.10, 50,000 was stolen from the Kasarwadi area. It is not an easy task to carry away an ATM. Though, this is incident in deserted areas of class-II cities and it is a stuff of somber worry for us.


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