Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Freida in shoot from opponent for Bollywood

Artist Freida Pinto has move toward beneath shoot from opponent in her native India for purportedly eschewing movie roles in Bollywood. Freida Pinto mounted to worldwide reputation in 2008′s Slumdog Millionaire and she has since came into view in a series of Hollywood and the forthcoming movies Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Immortals. She back to home, claim that she be supposed to be appearing in more Indian movies.

She say to Interview magazine, “I haven’t done a film in India because I haven’t found a script that’s completely gotten my attention and made me passionate to get it made; I keep saying I’m not at all famous in my own country, because people do not think I have done anything for India. I was upset initially. I guess everybody in India has tried really hard to do what they do and then move into the West… The reason why I’m doing these things outside my country, bit by bit, is to be able to come back to India equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to hopefully produce my own films one fine day.”


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