Monday, 18 July 2011

Sonam nearly let passed Mausam's initial key promo

As very last, after Shahid and Sonam Kapoor through their initial open form together to endorse their newest movie Mausam, each one's been discussion regarding their wonderful sour television chemistry mutually. At inhabited movie theatre, as they together stood by surveillance the theatre promo of their big screen turn over on the huge television, public remarked how striking they were looking together. The two spines not only about their film, but also on a scope of new subjects, like fashion and Shahid's earlier girlfriends.  
Sonam Kapoor was about going to let pass coming to the incident that evening, which was the first key promotional motion just about their film that is all set to release this September. The producers of the film give her time to attend Mausam's promotion. Later than promo commence, the actress hurried rear to the Players sets and sustained shooting for the take a break of the evening and till beautiful tardy in the night.


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