Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sonu & Britney to sing ‘I wanna go’ together for Bollywood

Now akin to a number of Indian artists are eagering to acquire a break in Hollywood, some celebs in the west are annoying to try out their destiny in India. Most recent is that Britney Spears will be collaborating with Sonu Niigaam on a remix of her popular number, I wanna go. Sonu Niigaam will give his precious voice to the remix of Britney’s hit number. The ‘All Is Well’ singer will be perceived sound singing few lines in Hindi in the song. It is also heard that he will also declaim some classical remarks which are supplementary in the remix description.

Britney Spears tweeted, “So excited about having @sonuniigaam on I Wanna Go. His vocals add such a different feel which I love! Watch out Bollywood. It's Sonu and Britney.”

Sonu Niigaam welcomed her aboard Bollywood as tweeted, “India loves you Britney Welcome to Am loving the fact that it's OUR Collaboration that marks your first step here. God bless you and more power to Great Music!!!”


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