Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tips for improved Web searches

Top 3 search Engines: Google, Yahoo! and Bing
For more options to find exactly what you're looking for.
Trouble-Free math:
For those without a calculator helpful, search engines suggest an easy way to do quick math. Very soon type in your equation a little like 12*12.5/10 and it'll furnish you the result (10).
Google, Yahoo! and Bing all do this, but Google does it best. It will show you the answer as you type and don’t go back any search results other than the answer you search for.
Locate the time:
Web searchers can type "what time is it in India" or any other location into either Google or Yahoo!  To find out the local time directly.
Aid with Conversion:
How many cms are in a meter?
How many U.S. dollars in a Rupee?
Only typing those questions into Google or Bing will result it’s a handy tool for formula conversions or for global travel.
Google Squared:
You also can add more articles based on the information that Google collects for each state park, or whatever topic you want. The page can then be exported as a worksheet for location afterward.
Try it at
Live Twitter passage.
Twitter, too, has become a vast repository of searchable data. You can search public Twitter updates at or in the search field on any Twitter page. My favorite search is a way to check for instant traffic updates.
Ensure that flight:
To check the status of a flight, you can enter the flight number and carrier into Google or Bing for a live update. Search something like "Air India" and it will tell you if the flight is on time and what time it departs and lands.
Bing and Google cart from for this in turn.
Search credible sites:
On Google, you can tell the search engine to return results from only certain types of Web sites, such as government or education sites, which usually have more trustworthy results.
Wonder swing:
Search engines carry out the best when you're the most specific, but that's not always likely. Google offers a different way to search to help with this called the Wonder Wheel.


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