Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Honda focus on 100-cc Bike for Rural India

Japan based, world's largest motorcycle maker, Honda Motors is going to more on bikes in the 100cc market. India has witnessed a push from the rural market. Approximately half of the levels to the nearly 5 million bikes Hero sell every year. Honda owns the CD brand worldwide with Hero, and would now focus on new designs with new enhanced expertise catering to the youth and rural India. Joint venture between Honda and Hero for CD platform exists till 2014 and by that time, Honda wants to appear as a foremost player in India.

It also plans to dual its sales in India by 4 million units by 2013. For the new bike, the company is projected to come-up with a new advanced engine in the 100cc section that will be delivering a better fuel economy and better performance as compared to the Hero bikes in the slice.
The firm has also started approaching its existing dealers in metros to open units in rural markets and would add another 300 sales outlets under them.


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