Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nokia crafts the N9, Mee Go phone

Nokia has ongoing freight the N9, its leading and former smartphone based on the Mee Go operating system. Mee Go is one of the operating systems Nokia absolute to disown in February when it declared plans to custom Microsoft's Windows Phone as its key operating system for smartphones. 

Windows Phone Nokia N9 has no physical buttons and in its place relies on the 3.9-inch AMOLED touch screen for steering. The N9 user interface has three home views applications, events and live applications. Users will be capable to download applications from Nokia Ovi Store. Users will be able to find a mixture of entertainment, productivity, news, social network applications and games, including Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Facebook, Last.fm and Mail for Exchange. But Nokia doesn't need to put a quantity on in what way many applications will be available. The N9 is compatible with Qt, a cross-platform application and user interface framework, which Nokia also uses on its Symbian based smartphones.

The phone can access the Internet using HSDPA (High-Speed Download Packet Access) at 14.4MBPS or Wi-Fi. Other features include A-GPS, an 8-megapixel camera that can shoot video at 720p, and an HTML5 compatible browser, according to Nokia. The N9 weighs 135 grams and is 12.1 millimeters thick. 

The valued retail price is US $650 for the version with 16GB of storage The prices are before applicable taxes or any possible subsidies.


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