Tuesday, 20 September 2011

TRAI bound 100 SMS per day SIM from Sept.27

The Telephone Authority of India Ltd, TRAI has fixed the limit of Short Messaging Service to 100 SMS per day per SIM in demand to control the telemarketing companies’ undesirable advertising calls and messages. The innovative set limit will boost inedible from 27th September 2011. TRAI that was trying hard to restriction the harassing calls and marketing messages since last few years but continuously being unsuccessful despite implementing the Do Not Disturb Service has now frame a way of setting the limit on short messaging services.  

The cover on SMS service will certainly prevent the telemarketing companies to send the annoying unpackaged SMS that root frustration and blocking to the common man. This result will not upset the communication between the close relations. The business messages, the coding message, and other educational messages from banks, coverage corporations and other service sectors would not come under this limit. TRAI has also fixed to the telecom companies to not to send any message or call beyond 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. whether the subscribers are registered with DND or not. Those who are registered with DND under fully blocked group will get no promotional messages. Though, DND subscribers are allowed to receive SMS from opted categories according to their choice like banks, finance, real estates, educations, health, consumer goods, automobiles, communication and entertainment, tourism and leisure etc. 

On the opposing, this change of TRAI will also disturb the pocket of common users who use more message service than call specially teens. The motive behind it you can get infinite message per day in the recharge of up to maximum Rs.100 per month. These moves will certainly pannier the pocket of users particularly at the time of festivals when most the consumers use SMS service to wish their friends and relatives. Now, the consumers will have to select some precedence numbers to whom they want to send messages. You will need to call the lasting. But, the smart phone users like blackberry and high end user who use internet service will persist artless from it as they can use the benefit facility of their cells.


This is a very Bad move from TRAI. It seems that they are restrctng our life they r nt leting us 2 live our life freely.... instead of bringing such change govt should thnk about other matters also which is still pending and no actions have been imposed yet then why this TRAI rules...... this was d only medium for every1 2 keep contact n u r restrctng dis...... tats a very bad move and govt should withdraw this rule asap... M requesting on behalf of every person of our country to withdraw dis rule n let us live our life freely....... hope d needfull will be done soon....

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