Saturday, 1 October 2011

Loyalty Test on Facebook

Twist the greediness and delightful as the playboy of affection Afsane a dangerous romance. But the game was unveiled by the girl herself.

Ambala in the Women Cell was the girl most unique test of love. The girl of his own fiancée Loyalty Tests and that too on the virtual world, ie social networking site Facebook. Now the test even if the story is interesting, but the result is extremely vexatious. Deepika call over from Ambala  of Panipat on April 3 this year, was engaged with Nitin. Nitin Deepika was then kept in the smash. He spoke not just Deepika hours, but would try to come near him. Nitin Meanwhile, family members of the ponderous asked for dowry. Nitin with the demand also began to distance itself from Deepika. Deepika has continued this matter and decided to test her loyalty to Nitin. She wanted to know until yesterday that Nitin was missing in her dreams, now suddenly they turn up is why. Meanwhile, he also revealed that Nitin and deep friendship with the girls. So Nitin Padukone to take the test on a fake Facebook account opened in the name of Richa Sharma. And that was it? Unaware of the truth of Richa Nitin started chatting to him porn on the Facebook. Deepika has all the evidence against Nitin as the hand, he cast her in front of Nitin Blog poured. Polls opened Nitin all numbers and account closed immediately.

Deepika to be followed by police. Deepika, the police have registered a complaint. But now he has not decided exactly how the section under which the case against Nitin be made.


Great this is very good for these kinds of people.

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