Monday, 21 November 2011

Black Berry Aptitude Test in India

Blackberry is going to organize this contest for management and engineering colleges, and the contestants shall use Blackberry smart phones to be able to reply the questions of the test. It will be a mixture of skill and presence of mind that will be able to win the competition for them. Just naked that there is going to be an open Aptitude Test organized by Black Berry, in India. This is going to be as a piece of the promotional policies of the company. 

Aim of the company is to give students something useful to do with their phones, which they usually use for whiling away time and connecting with friends. As many as 300 students are probable to be a part of the event and shall compete for becoming the best among the batch.

                  Hitesh Shah Director-commercial relationship India revealed,” We are looking at the way a student can utilize time for productive work on mobile phones. We have decided to give students Aptitude Competition for Excellence applications free so that they can use time to prepare for competitive exams.”

The achievement of the Blackberry will be measured according to the likes and dislikes, and participation by nation.


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