Saturday, 23 April 2011

Android - Army's foremost Smartphone

This gossip approaches now about when the world dominating, human killing computer network Sky net becomes self alert. The U.S. Army announced that it has selected the Android operating system to power its opening Smartphone.

This stage will let soldiers to rapidly and firmly contribute to Geo tagged notes about problems they bump on the position. It will also support mapping, critical messaging and other support functions.

Third party developers will be building apps and services for this Army Smartphone. In July, the Army will release a development kit for the platform.

The Army wants applications that share data and resources across the platform, to avoid the stove piping problems that have plagued so many military and government information technology projects.

It could allow soldiers on the ground to fine-tune targeting for missiles and other munitions, as well as request specific aerial drone or satellite investigation. It might also borrow from supply-chain software to manage requests for gear and supplies. And it could support or improve field medical treatment, as well as all kinds of in-field preparation.

In the field, military smart phones would need far more power than marketable models, and they'd have to function for much longer eras. It'll be interesting to see what battery and charging options are supplied with these new Army phones.

Also, military Smartphone must be far rockier than commercial models, able to withstand sand, dust, water, temperature extremes, impact, concussion and more. Microphones that don't get destroyed by loud blasts will be crucial, as will din filtering for incoming and outgoing audio.

The Army did not specify whether the phones will come with unlimited text messaging.


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