Sunday, 24 April 2011

Genetic Material of mosquitoes offer malaria

The World Health Organization projected that malaria reason nearly one million deaths in 2008.Now Scientists consider they are closer to being able to change the DNA of untamed mosquitoes in array to struggle malaria. They made a genetic material reach from a handful of mosquitoes to the majority of the inhabitants in just a few generations.
Study crowd have already created malaria resistant mosquitoes by skills such as pioneering genes to upset the malaria vermin growth. Except the gene gives the mosquito a pro, the gene will likely go. They inserted a gene into the mosquito DNA which is very good at looking after its own interests a homing endo nuclease called I-SceI. The gene makes an enzyme which cuts the DNA in two. The cell's repair machinery then uses the gene as a template when repairing the cut.
Dr Yeya Touré, from the World Health Organization, said, "This research finding is very important for driving a foreign gene in a mosquito population. However, given that it has been demonstrated in a laboratory cage model, there is the need to conduct further studies before it could be used as a genetic control strategy."


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