Monday, 9 May 2011

Students in worry, AIEEE re-examination

All India Engineering Entrance Examination was held on the May 1 across more than 1,600 centres in India. Due to the question papers being leaked in Kanpur, the examination was postponed across all centres for two and a half hours. Many students had other exams, such as the Armed Forces Medical College MBBS Entrance Exam, on the identical day and their timings clashed with the AIEEE. Consequently, a huge batch of students was unable to appear for the AIEEE examination. In arrange to have room for these students, the Central Board of Secondary Education decided to cleave to a re-exam for those students who were unable to take the AIEEE on the scheduled date.

Competitive examinations such as AIEEE need a set of psychological training and focus. To prepare for the test and then locate that it has been cancelled can cause a lot of rational weakness. To motivate oneself all over again for the same test can be very arduous. With less than two days to go for the AIEEE 2011 re-examination, there's a sagacity of worry and doubt among students appearing for the tests. A number of students fear that a tougher paper might be in hoard.

There is a opposing view too. Many students consider that those taking the re-examination on Wednesday like an unfair benefit. We are getting additional instant to study and clear our fears. The students who took the exam on May 1 did so amidst a lot of bewilderment. Which is why they may not have been able to perform as well as they could have.


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