Saturday, 30 July 2011

1 Banarasi sari takes to 14 condoms

India is a land of traditions, which are used specially for the set of clothes. But that is in the Sari, it is not in any other garment. Only the mention of the sari is the Banarasi sari. Banarasi sari because it’s everything is wonderful. So the demand is highest in the world. Its strength is in its threads, which are quite smooth. But today we have to report a sensational about these threads. 

With the world famous Banarasi silk saris to make even with a condom is used! Surprised? 
But it's true. Create a Banarasi sari takes at least 14 new condom. Dealt with in over a decade ago in Varanasi, free condom sales increased suddenly. Burn the head of the doctors found out the reason behind it. 

The use of family planning, but was in Banarasi sari. Sari weavers on the spinning wheel in two parts of condoms, which exist in the condom lubricant, make it smooth. Thread which is quite smooth, which quickly weaves is fast. The knitting yarn fingers from time to protect the weavers are putting condom. Banarasi sari when the stage started, no one knows about it. . The Ministry of Health traced the truth, it was sensational. 


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