Sunday, 31 July 2011

Chevrolet Beat Diesel opened for India

The Indian support of US auto maker General Motors finally launched the much awaited diesel version of Chevrolet Beat Diesel in Kochi. Hatchback Beat has been doing pretty well since it made its Indian first appearance about two years back. Clients have for long been demanding a cheaper diesel variant of the trendy car.
The Beat Diesel comes equipped with 1.0 XSDE SMARTECH Engine, which has been developed deliberately for India advertised by the Bangalore based GM Technical Centre in joint venture with GM Power train Europe. The exclusively planned engine has a peak power output of 58.5PS art the rate of 4000rpm and peak torque output of 150PS at the rate of 1750rpm. The all new diesel vehicle also features stylish common rail fuel injection, Turbocharger with intercooler, advanced intra torque boost, gas charged rebound tuned suspension and Feather light Electronic power steering. The Beat diesel’s mileage has been certified at 24 KMPL. The Beat Diesel, which is accessible in many colors, including Green cocktail, Olympic White, Misty Lake, Caviar Black and Super Red, comes in 4 variants, PS, LS, LT and LT option, with price tags ranging between Rs. 5,27,989 and Rs. 6,73,149.
Introduction the diesel alternative, GM India MD Karl Slym said, “Offering a diesel engine developed for Indian consumers in our most popular model is a momentous achievement for GM India.”


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