Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Alcatel Ice 3 introductions OT 520D phone in India

Alcatel Ice 3 recently curved in away its newest dual SIM mobile phone, the OT 520D, for markets in India. 

The phone has outwardly functional features and aspires to appease urban as well as rural bazaar of the nation. It is talented of underneath dual memory card, flexible up to 32GB. 

This phone is entrenched with a 2MP camera and enables consumers to access multimedia tackles like internet or GPRS, Facebook and Gmail between others. 

It is prepared with a torch and possesses Bluetooth connectivity. The video calling mark allows users to take videos of their links and attach their contact details with it. Thus the same video will be played out whenever the particular person calls.The OT 520 D has a price tag of Rs. 2299 attached to it and is available in all retail stores across India.
M.S. Malik, Managing Director, Ice Mobile commented, “However OT 520 D is an entrance level phone; it has all features that are essential to make the mobile phone skill truly pleasurable. It has forever been our attempt to launch mobile phones that are consumer gracious and rationally priced.”


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