Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dancercise to keep on healthy

This exciting new idea of staying fit. Dancercise is a wonderful formula for those who love dance as well as exercise. Exercise and dance tend to get monotonous after a point. It is also good value for money as you learn two things at one time. For example, inaccessible tummy dance includes 20 minutes of abs and hip exercise, followed by 45 minutes of belly-dancing. Bhangra exercises include bhangra and hip-hop. Contemporary dance is being fused with exercise; the areas of concentration are the legs since the dance form involves classical ballet.
At times, we make simpler the steps. We have to maintain in intellect that the people opting for these packages do not want to get concerned in the intricacies of the dance styles. This form is also popular in many gyms. As it includes the entire body movements, it helps in losing weight faster. It's an absolute freestyle fusion devoid of any closely controlled moves. So, shatter free of your usual dance and keep fit routines.


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