Wednesday, 14 September 2011

If you want study Astrology then must be Brahmin

Planet, constellation, move to wrap the distance to the status of the teaching of astrology trend is growing surrounded by the students. As a result, the harassment of the increase in the number of MA students studying astrology in Sanskrit. His classes are not looking. He also complained of DU VC. National Scheduled Caste Commission does not solve the problem, a student came to complain. The Commission has sought an explanation from DU. DU MA final year student in the Department of Sanskrit Sarita said that 21 July is the third semester classes begin. The 9 optional subjects to study a subject that every student. Astrology as I chose the topic is optional. Department until August 5 Brwakr all students seeking information from the optional subject form. The departmental faculty was saying that you're only pupil teacher why astrology cannot be arranged. The last year alone, Astrology student because he was taught as optional subjects students from the Brahmin caste. Optional in the Form Five students volunteered to read the astrology. Under pressure from professors down to 5, the number was 3. Head of Sanskrit Dr. Mithlesh Kumar Chaturvedi I called to see if the second week of August I reached his office.


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