Sunday, 10 July 2011

Neptune complete primary revolution of sun

The blue coloured Eighth Planet of the solar system (Neptune), will this year complete its foremost revolution of the sun since its invention in 1846. The wonderful body will celebrate its birthday on July 13 at 03:06 IST when it arrives at approximately the identical heliocentric longitude 329°.1020 as at the time of breakthrough. To look at the planet, see Capricornus and Aquarius constellations between the stars Delta Capricorni and Lambda Aquari to be exact. Neptune has 13 satellites, and a bony ring system. The planet's orbit is nearly circular. It's atmosphere is dominantly hydrogen (80 per cent), with helium (19 per cent) and methane (1 per cent), and a very small admixture of other compounds. The average temperature is – 235°C. It is 38.87 times bigger and 17.132 times more massive than the Earth.


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